5 Useful Appliances to Buy for Your New Home

You’re getting ready to move into your new home, but you’d really like to minimize the hassle of house chores. These home-ware appliances can help you get started on the right foot.

Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping your floors clean is an absolute breeze with the current influx of robotic vacuum cleaners. If your home is small, is filled with furniture that cannot be lifted easily and has bare floors, then a smart vacuum cleaner can help clean your home easily. It’s suitable for hard surfaces like tiles, linoleum and wood, and clean underneath furniture with zero hassle. It’s also a handy addition to the household if both you and your spouse are working and you don’t have a helper; simply programmed the cleaner accordingly and then sit back and relax.

Blade-less Fans

Dust is a big issue for most Singaporean households and cleaning it out of a fan can be a draining task. Furthermore, a dusty fan can be an unpleasant sight to behold. If you’d rather not spend a lazy weekend afternoon dismantling your stand fans for a thorough cleaning, then invest in a blade-less fan instead. The fan’s blades lie hidden within its base, which means its spherical shape is easy to wipe down and store when not in use. You also won’t have to worry about young children sticking their tiny fingers or hands into the fan. Since there are no visible blades, there won’t be any injuries and your little ones will be safe when the fan is in use.

Credits: Dyson

Steam Clothing Care System

Let’s face it; most of us spend at least 8 hours a day at work. In fact, by the time work ends, many are just too exhausted to prioritize household chores like tackling unwashed laundry. This is why you should invest in a steam clothing care system. Steam care systems can typically sanitize your clothes and banish bad odours – a common occurrence in Singapore’s hot and humid climate – in as little as 20 minutes. It’s also a great option if you hate ironing, as most steam care systems can steam away wrinkles while keeping clothing fresh and crisp. What’s even better? It’s chemical-free!

Air Fryer

Fried food is a big part of Singapore’s food culture but cleaning up after you’ve deep fried your favourite dishes or snacks is no fun at all. Additionally, re-using cooking oil multiple times to fry your food may pose some health risks. Skip the hassle with an air fryer, which uses hot-air circulation to cook the food. This means you won’t have to clean oil and grime from your kitchen walls or surfaces after cooking and you’ll get to enjoy your favourite fried foods without the extra fat or calories.

Credits: Phillips

Portable Air-Conditioning

The island’s constant heat and humidity makes air-conditioning a must for every Singapore home. But often, installing multiple air-con units in a single home can be tedious and expensive, too. Purchase a portable air-conditioning unit to cool your home instead. It works well in homes with small or limited space, has almost no installation restrictions and can help you cut costs while keeping cool. Additionally, not only does a portable air-conditioner help you beat the heat, it also dehumidifies the room, keeping your room cool and dry at the same time.

Credits: LG


It’s fun to prepare a home cooked meal for your family, but it’s no fun to spend hours cleaning up afterwards either. Save time in the kitchen with an automated dishwasher. Not only does it free you up from washing the dishes and cutlery by hand, using a dishwasher is also more sanitary, as it puts the cutlery and glassware through several cycles of scalding hot water, which helps disinfect each item thoroughly. These days, many brands offer environmentally dishwashers that use lesser electricity and water, which results in cost savings for you.

Credits: Bosch Logixx